Women’s Group - 10 Weeks
Group members will explore issues related to relationships, body image and self-esteem. Individual and group themes will be the focus of discussion and action oriented therapy.

"Kim is an expert facilitator. I frankly sometimes find groups annoying because they are managed poorly. Kim ensured that space was held for the many voices in the room without presenting herself as an authority. We moved through our time together with tremendous ease and grace and I was able to confront a deeply buried emotion without feeling wrung out which is a small miracle. Kim has a rare combination of strength and receptivity that created an instant feeling of safety. As someone who doesn't trust easily, this was a powerful thing to experience." -- K.D.L.

"A lot of people think of therapy as a venue for talking about old wounds. I find that my group experience with Kim is far more eye-opening and life changing than a forum for 'venting.' "-- Rosalind Sage              More

"Kim possesses the skills that I needed in a group facilitator in order to progress: a sincere, sensitive style that invites opening and revelation, coupled with a reassuring fearlessness that I know can hold, accept, and thoughtfully challenge whatever I may bring forth." -- Female group member              More

Women’s Group
Monday: 7:00 - 8:30pm
Cost: $50 per session
(Start date to be announced)