Individual Counseling
I work with adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, a history of trauma, grief or loss. My approach is holistic in that I help to create awareness of a personís thoughts, feelings, body sensations and awareness of self within a larger community. I believe in drawing upon strengths in order to explore a personís life potential. I bring knowledge of traditional psychotherapy, mindfulness, EMDR and the body centered approaches of psychodrama, Internal Family Systems and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. I believe experiencing a healing therapeutic relationship that mirrors an individualís true self helps to create positive life changes and personal growth.

"Kim is an intuitive and gifted counselor. She helped me to gently release and heal trauma that I had held onto for decades. My life is immeasurably better and I live more freely thanks to Kim and her loving guidance." -- P.F.

Couples Counseling
My work with couples is based on developing awareness of communication dynamics that get established in the relationship and learning how to name the emotional experiences that can lead to distance, anger, frustration and feelings of being stuck. I believe couples can learn to see each other more clearly and find authentic intimacy if they have the courage to look at themselves and their partner with a deeper awareness of their relationship patterns.